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Dream Interpretation

A.R.E. Volunteers Needed For Dream Research Project
By Walt Stover, M.A.

INTRODUCTION – My own experiences with dreams began at VA Beach, Va in 1978 when I got deeply involved with all aspects of dreamwork at the A.R.E.
Since then I have recorded over 17,000 dreams in my own journals and experimented with many different methods to improve dream recall. In the past five years (2005 – 2009) I averaged recording 56 dreams per month on a regular basis. Then in mid 2009, I discovered a new procedure that has increased my dream recall to around 90 per month. I am how seeking A.R.E. volunteers to further evaluate this new procedure as explained below.

In mid 2007, I began experiments with a variety of methods that have led to a procedure I call Psychic Attunement.  My initial tests used Radiac treatments and acupuncture.  Acupuncture was performed weekly and the Radiac treatments were done about four times per week. It soon became apparent that this combination stimulated some excellent psychic responses. They were like having a dream in the middle of the day while wide awake. These experiences were temporary and stopped about twenty minutes after the treatments ended. Later in 2007, I switched to a second treatment center and began using a needle in a psychic acupuncture point located near the tip of the chin. I became aware of this psychic point many years ago while reading a book from the A.R.E. library where I worked as a volunteer while living in Virginia Beach, VA. In acupuncture terminology, this point is known as Ren 24. These treatments were more effective then the initial acupuncture, but the psychic messages were still temporary in nature.

                        In July, 2009, I began stimulating that chin point continuously at night to see how it would affect my dream life. This is done by using very tiny beads called acupuncture seeds or ear seeds. This small bead is pasted to the desired point with adhesive tape and allowed to remain in place overnight. These seeds or beads are readily available for purchase on the internet. They are typically sold in kits of 200 seeds with transparent adhesive tape attached for about $10 - $15 per 200 seeds.

            These seeds do not create any immediate messages. When left in place overnight, they did alter my dream response in a highly positive direction. During August, 2009, I wore a seed on my chin every night. Normally I put them on about 3 PM and took them off in the morning. During this month, my normal overall dream recall of 56 dreams per night jumped up to 80 dreams.  When I continued this evaluation for an extended eleven month period, my dreams averaged 90 per month.  I used the seeds 95% of the time. The Radiac treatments were performed about 80% of the time and the acupuncture sessions were done at 3 – 4 week intervals. While the Radiac and acupuncture may have helped in my specific case, tests on other subjects have given good results without them.  

When sleeping without the seeds, my dreams used to be scattered throughout the night. When sleeping with the seeds in place, they show a definite tendency to occur in the final hour before awaking in the morning. On numerous occasions, I have shut off the alarm, slept a bit longer and had more dreams.  My dreams with the seeds in place show a definite tendency to be more vivid and on some occasions led to a period of lucid dreaming. My rational mind suggests that it would be desirable to sleep with a seed over the third eye location. Preliminary trails have indicated that this is not effective. The chin spot is highly sensitive and that third eye spot is not sensitive for me

Testing With other A.R.E Members – This Psychic Attunement method has been evaluated with a total of fourteen dreamers. Some were local A.R.E. members and other were members of my PSMD internet dream group. Two participants got very dramatic increases in dream recall activity. One lady who was having only three dreams per month jumped to 10 per month when using the seeds. Another had her dream recall jump from around one per night to 4 – 5 with the seeds. One man who had been a prolific dreamer had seen his dream recall drop to zero. After a few weeks using the seeds, he began recalling dreams again.  On lady in the UK reported having much more vivid visions. Half of the test subjects reported no change in their dream activity. 

Evaluation Program For A.R.E. Dreamers
             These initial results are definitely encouraging, and evaluating them with a much larger group is definitely needed.  We are now asking A.R.E. dreamers to volunteer and participate in a simple 30 - 60 day trial using these acupuncture seeds. To participate in this evaluation program, please contact Walt Stover via his PSMD web page link www.stockdreams.org and you will be supplied with necessary instructions by E-mail.  The first 20 volunteers will also receive a free supply of seeds that are required for the test work.  It would be desirable if all of the volunteers had some current dream recall level (5 dreams per month or greater).  When test results from a hundred or more dreamers are received from A.R.E. US Regions and overseas Regions, they will be compiled for publication in Venture Inward Magazine.

Walt Stover has studied dreams for more then thirty years and has over 17,000 dreams in his own journals. He has been a member of A.R.E. since 1978. He has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University. He is the author of numerous magazine articles on dreams and the book: Dreams My Lamp Unto the Darkness.

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George's Dream

George and Pavlo worked very well together. They were like father and son. The recession had an enormous impact on Pavlo and his wife and propelled them into returning home to live and where they wanted to educate their two children.

George was pleased for them but clearly found it difficult losing Pavlo as a much valued friend and someone he really enjoyed working with. He wondered if this was the end of a friendship.    George rarely dreams but he woke up one morning recalling a dream in which he saw Pavlo in a smart suit (Pavlo never ever wore suits) and had a big smile on his face.   When George told me the dream I explained that Pavlo was being smart in returning home and as the dream was so positive the friendship would not end.   It took  6 months + for Pavlo, his wife and children to adjust to leaving England,  renting a home and sorting the children’s education out.   The outcome is that they now have a house they bought in a dilapidated condition, working hard to renovate the house. It stands in its own grounds. Pavlo and his wife both have good jobs and can now afford to send their children to excellent schools.   As for George he and his wife go annually to visit Pavlo and his family and the friendship is valued by everyone.

Marcia's Dream

Marcia was a driver who took chances and would speed along motorways and side roads.     She tries to work with her dreams and record as many as she can in her dream journal.   She has had some success in interpreting her dreams.  When she had a dream in which she was travelling in a car and a voice came out of nowhere and told her to slow down.    This was probably a lucid dream as she realised when she heard the dream she was driving much too fast.    The dream was so vivid it woke her in the middle of the night. She was sweating and accepting the implications she began to drive more carefully.  A couple of weeks after the dream, she was driving along a country road,  glanced at the speedometer and immediately slowed down and pulled over by the gate of a field.   The dream immediately came to mind.   Within 2-3 minutes she saw a car come hurtling round a corner from the opposite direction and narrowly missed crashing into her.   If she had not slowed down and stopped where she did, allowing more room for manoeuvre on that narrow road she is certain there would have been a dreadful collision.   She credits that dream to have probably saved her from having a serious accident. 


Some though not all of the following information on dreams is adapted from Build Your Own Dream House by Paula M Craig, an out-of-print booklet which  has helped many people including children, to work with interpreting their dreams.

You can learn to interpret your dreams. Sometimes other people can give you a clue but by using dreams to help you understand yourself and what is going on in your life the following information will get you started.

  • Put a notebook and pencil/pen by the side of your bed and when you awake write down your dream.  Always remember to also write down how you felt when you wake up as this will give you a major clue as to what the dream means.     
  • Learn symbols that frequently appear in dreams If you do not understand them at first do not worry and wait until a few days have passed and look back through your dreams and make a list of the symbols.    Think of the symbol and then say the first word that pops into your mind.  This word may provide a possible meaning for the symbol in your dreams.   A list is given below of common symbols that appear in everyone’s dreams.

  • When you get started if you cannot figure a dream out just let it go and do not worry about it.   It may in time come back to you as the same symbol or in a different way to guide you.  Pay special attention to these dreams and they will automatically stop when you understand the message.
  • If you have difficulty remembering your dreams and you want to, tell yourself before you fall asleep I WILL REMEMBER MY DREAM. Ask God to help you too.

Common Symbols found in Dreams

1.      Your Dream House
Think of your house as having three floors.  
The main floor is your CONSCIOUS MIND. This is where you spend most of your everyday conscious life.   These dreams relate to what you have been doing, sometimes during the day or the previous day

The basement or lowest level of hour house relates to your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.  This is where our memories of things that have happened to us are stored. Every thought, feeling and experience you have ever had are stored here.  

The top floor (upstairs) is your SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND.  This is the highest level where all your hopes, goals and the future are kept  and is the part of your mind that is very close to God.    At this high level you are connected with everyone else on earth.   Wow that is an amazing thought but people who have long studied dreams teach us that people and children who live in different countries and cultures have some dream symbols in common. These are often referred to as ARCHETYPAL Symbols. They predated language when humans learnt to speak and are part and parcel of our SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND.  We can access these symbols through dreams to help us and guide us through our everyday lives and relationships.   This is the level where the dream is so strong and vivid that you will be able to recall

2.      People
The people we meet in our dreams play different roles, like actors on a stage. Sometimes we are watching ourselves disguised as someone else. This is because we can recognize the faults in others before we can see our own mistakes.  It’s like looking in a mirror and seeing oturselves as others see us. Ask yourself “Do I act like that?”   Dream characters also symbolize other people in our lives, and how we feel about them. Them may represent themselves or someone else with the same name or personality trait. Always look for clues.  Who does the dream person remind you of? What kind of feelings do you have towards them?

3.      Buildings
Think about the activities that take place in these buildings. Make a list of the words that expresses your feelings about them

4.      Vehicles
Many times in dreams the vehicles in dreams represent the dreamer’s body.

5.      Birds
Birds have wings and can fly high above the earth. They also have extraordinary eyesight.  

6.      Animals
Animals often represent something about ourselves. What does the particular animal in your dream remind you of?

7.      Insects
Often insects represent small annoying problems in your life.

8.      Nature
Scenes in nature often represent what is happening with the dreamer’s feelings. Although they seem to be taking place outside they really refer to conditions within the dreamer.  For example, water often represents emotions; therefore, the condition of the water may be telling you something in your dream about your emotions.

9.      Colours
Make a list of all the colours you can think of and also write down what each colour reminds you of.

         Maria had a recurring bad dream  that she was being chased by a monstrously large red balloon and when it almost reached her she would wake up feeling very frightened indeed.  She had been thinking a lot about this dream and wondered what she could do. She decided to make a promise to herself that the next time she had the dream she would turn round and say boo loudly to the monstrously large red balloon. The next time she had this bad dream she did this. Guess what – the red balloon faded away in front of her and Maria felt really happy about this. She has never had this bad dream since. Feeling really confident about herself, Maria told a lot of other children about this dream to help understand how this might help them too.

.        The more you work with your dreams the more they will work for you!.