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The Edgar Cayce Remedies

Please ask for instructions when buying products that are new to you.

Please check availability from sandra@smichelson.freeserve.co.uk or phone her at
Food for Thought, Seaton Delaval - 0191 237 5935. Credit cards are accepted.


The best antiseptic for sores and cuts. Gets thyroid and otherglands functioning right. call
AURA GLOW 8 oz. bottle. A skin massage lotion. The most popular Cayce item sold in the USA. It is the all purpose cosmetic. A choice of 4 scents. Almond, Rose, Jasmine and Lavender. call
CALCIOS 2 oz pack. A brilliant calcium supplement. Used a lot by pregnant women and older people, but it's marvellous for everyone. Many people with bone problems have solved them using this product. The pack is enough for about 50 days. In any one a day, the Cayce reading says that all you need is the amount that will fit on the nail of your small finger. call
CAMPHODERM Relieves minor backaches, congestion and colds. Clears the lungs of mucous etc. Rub into chest and spine call
CAMPHOR Natural. 1oz. To mix with olive oil to make camphorated oil. One of the best "rub on" for aches and pains that one can get. Mixed with olive oil, it cures cold sores.  
CARBON STEEL Carry it in your groin pocket and you will not get a cold or flu easily. Women need to hang it on a string from their waists or attach it to the outside edge of either pocket of their bra. It has a hole in it for a string. It keeps the energy moving that helps to keep the body healthy. This energy flows through the groin pockets and through the forehead in a figure of eight. This is why you can't wear it round your neck: if you do, it confuses the energy and you catch every cold going. call
CASTOR OIL Cold pressed, half litre bottle. No matter what sickness you've got, a castor oil pack on the stomach will help.
Please use the email contact button, on the home page to order. How To Make a Castor Oil Pack.

CHARRED OAK KEG Great for all lung problems, including pneumonia and T.B. Inhale the fumes of the apple brandy as often as you can. Calvados, can be bought in some sainsbury stores for under £16. Also from Somerset Cider Co Ltd. Kingsbury Episcopi, Martock, Somerset. Tel. 01460 240 782 The English Brandy is as good, if not better, than the Calvados. Buy the least expensive. call


Can now be ordered through the the centre. A Colloidal Silver machine includes comprehensive instructions. The machine is made by Allan Wilkinson here at the centre. Your local chemist will sell you the Purified Water. It comes in 5 litre bottles and costs about £3 or £4, depending on the manufacturer. call
CRUDOLEUM OIL 450 mls. This helps grow your hair back. Oil on scalp for half an hour, once a week. Then rinse: Then two shampoos would be ideal. Never rub your scalp. Put the tips of both hands on scalp, and move the fingers of one hand towards the other, to get blood circulating. Ask for instructions or I can explain then to you, over the phone. call
CRUDOLEUM RINSE 470 mls. Helps to take the oil out of the scalp after treatment. call
CRUDOLEUM SHAMPOO 240 mls. Excellent for general hair care. Revitalises dry brittle hair. call


540 mls. Helps with dry itchy scalps and excessive hair loss. Excellent in helping to manage one's hair. Leave in for five minutes.


DERMAGLOW Rub on the skin: It stimulates the circulation and prevents acne. call
DETENSE Brings down blood pressure and improves eliminations. When taking it, do not eat beef or fried foods and don't drink carbonated drinks. call
EGYPTIAN OIL Stimulates circulation. It kills pain. It is very good for stiff muscles and sore joints; it helps a lot with mild attacks of arthritis. Major arthritis problems require castor oil packs, rub in cold pressed peanut oil, change diet and drink plenty water. call
FORMULA 545 8 oz. It clears toxins from the system and aids digestion: the readings say it is good for everyone call
FORMULA 636 Originally created to restore natural colour to grey hair, but users found it to have rejuvenating effect on the system; it also aids digestion. call
FORMULA 637 As for 636 but for vegetarians call
FORMULA 208 8 oz. It soothes the internal tract, helps with diarrhoea and any stomach problem that is difficult to explain. call
GLYCOTHYMOLINE It is a gargle for nasel and throat passages. Cures sinus problems: put it into cotton wool or cloth, over forehead, nose and eyes for half an hour. Do a few times if required. 3 drops in half a glass of water at bedtime will alkalinise the system. Can be used as castor oil, is used for many problems, especially over the liver in wool flannel for an hour at a time. call
ALKATHYME An alternative and cheaper version . call
GOLD CHLORIDE Used mainly for nervous problems. The body needs gold. For every minim of gold chloride you take, mix with 2 minims of bicarb of soda . Maximum 5 minims at any one time. Best, one the first day, two the second and so on. 1 grain. call
GOLD CREAM Clears wrincles and gives the skin fresh elasticity and health. It also provides the gold the body requires to keep healthy. call
INSPIROL An inhalant for asthma, hay fever, sinusitus, bronchitis. It has no side effects. It is very good call
IPSAB 2oz. Liquid. A gum treatment; squeeze one drop, at a time, into the gums. Use the thumb and first finger. It solves most gum problems. call
IPSAB 1oz. Concentrated: to be used as above. call
IPSAB TOOTHPOWDER 4 oz. An excellent tooth cleaner; can be used every day. call
LIQUID LANOLIN A base for many formulas the are used for body rubs; excellent with peanut oil or olive oil. call
MOTHER EARTH's 4 oz. Herbal Cough Mixture. call
MUSCLE TREAT 4 oz. For backaches, sprains, strains, sor and fatigued muscles. When used for varicose veins will slow down deterioration. call
OPTIKADE Helps the whole body but especially the eyes. When using it for the eyes, you are advised to eat extra carrots and do the head and neck exercises at the same time. call
PEDICURE 2 oz. Liquid. For athlete's foot and other foot problems. call
RAYS OINTMENT For most skin problems including eczema and psoriasis. call
RAGWEED TINCTURE 4 oz. Liver tonic and non-habit forming laxative. Recommended in 100 Readings . call
SAFFRON American Saffron. The best drink for liver and skin problems. It stops acids getting into the bodyfrom the bowels. A 2 ounce pack will last 3 or 4 months. Take twice a day: or more often if you wish. call
SCARMASSAGE 3 oz. liquid. It heals nearly all scars. If the scar is new, rub it on the side of the scar only. call
SHAMPOO Tannenbaum Pine Tar, 240 mls. Excellent for scalps that are prone to eczema, etc. Please keep away from the eyes. call
SHAMPOO Crudoleum 240 mls. Excellent for general hair care. Revitalises dry brittle hair. Please keep away from the eyes. call
SIVER NITRATE 3 oz. For Wet Cell or Bio Cell call
SULFLAX Brilliant laxative that heals as it works. Very good when you have any skin problem. call
TEMPLE HEALER 2 fl. A remedy for headaches. It is applied externally. It is rubbed on the side of the temple. It seems to work, but no-one knows how it works or why it works. It just does, most of the time call
TIM The best cure for Haemorrhoids I know of. Rub it on them as required. call
WOOL FLANNEL For the Castor Oil packs. The wool has never had chemicals of any kind in it. It should be boiled in water for one minute after using it 28 times; or if it gets discoloured. It should last for many years. call
ZILATONE 50 tablets. Digestive aid with natural enzymes call