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Theme for Spring/Summer 2013 – “Let me be one of God’s channels for bringing blessings to others.”

Health News


This is a basic concept to work with.  

Many students of the Cayce Readings are aware of using Ideals as a focus when aiming for a mental, physical and spiritual ideal. 

If you have never tried this before, take  a piece of paper or a dry board and divide into three sections under the headings, mental, physical and spiritual ideal.  Then work out what your three ideals are and do write them down.  It is amazing how this simple exercise helps clarify what your ideals are and how you may work towards achieving them.  

For those wanting a more in-depth understanding, Chapter III of A Search for God Book I is a four page section based on What is My Ideal?  


I heard a lot of different ideas some of them truly whacky ones.   The end of the world seemed to get to a lot of people. As for me I have always felt 21st December 2012 to be the beginning of a new cosmic cycle, one when higher vibrations really come into force.   It is an individual choice how one works with these higher vibrations.    

One only has to look at how children think and behave to understand that they are using more of their brain cells than in the past. Personally I see this as an evolutionary process.  One example is that around the world children are reported to be achieving higher IQ levels.   Children are also being born with an advanced understanding of electronics, technology and different forms of energy.  It is crucial how they are brought up and educated in this new cosmic cycle. Have you ever watched very young children pressing phone and tv buttons, knowing exactly what they are doing and this is only the start.     According to Edgar Cayce souls from past civilizations – among them Atlantis an advanced technological culture and from Mu a more naturalistic, spiritualized civilization, are being born.  Boy will they push the scientific, medical and associated boundaries at an accelerated rate.  This has already started and masses of these children question everything.  Some parents wonder how to keep up with them.   One idea is that children from Atlantis and from Mu need to provide a balance rather than a clash between these two cultures as they incarnate may provide a balance between these two cultures.  They appear to have been rather different civilizations.  


Young children will often come out with a comment or phrase associated with a past or far memory.  Wise parents do not knock them down but listen instead.    Many children at the present time lose their past memories around the age of nine.  This developmental maturation may also be changing.   

I can recall my daughter standing up and dancing around the time she began to walk.  When she began talking she would awake many mornings singing in a language I did not know.   It never occurred to me at that time to record what was happening but within about six months this passed and was never repeated.    As an adolescent, a boy from our extended family recalled being a pilot who had been shot down in World War I.  His parents have never forgotten this but they are the most “orthodox” people you could meet.  Orthodox in the sense of not fully believing in such things though not completely dismissing such experiences.  Another relative, a girl aged about 8 at the time, described a past life including what she was wearing and the era, when she was standing on a certain moorland hill with her parents.  Further, a close cousin described Atlantis to me as he remembered it to be.  His work has been with electronics and phone networks in this lifetime.     I mention these as brief interludes which I am sure many people experience within their own families.       Have you ever visited a place or found yourself in a house, city, country that feels so familiar.  These déjà vu  experiences are so common.   

For anyone wanting to read about reincarnation, I would strongly recommend Many Mansions by Gina Cerminara as one of the best ever written on this subject.


The Edgar Cayce Readings refer repeatedly to achieving balance through an  80% alkaline and 20% acid diet to promote health and wellness.   Two of the following quotes underline the importance of this concept:
For thy body is indeed the temple of the Living God. What have you dragged into this temple?   Reading 3174-1

A general activity for a body in much of a normal condition is to keep the acidity and the alkalinity in a proper balance. The best manner to indicate this is to test the alkalinity or acidity of the body through the salivary gland membranes, or by taking litmus paper in the mouth. This also may be indicated through the urine  Reading 540-11.

From reading the Circulating File on Acid Alkalinity, there are some real gems of information, such as:

Anyone who is over-acidic will be more prone to head colds, infections and other illnesses such as arthritis.  An alkalizing effect is destructive to the cold germ. For optimal health and metabolic function most body fluids need to be slightly alkaline. An alkaline-forming diet is therefore important. The majority of fresh vegetables and fruit are in this category.  (Small amounts of bicarbonate of soda have an alkalizing effect (anyone with kidney disorders should not take this regularly except under the instruction of their doctor).

Another remedy for alkalizing the system is to squeeze juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm/fairly hot water ½ hour before breakfast.  One Reading refers to this to be continued for three weeks then stop for a week and continue as needed (99-5).  (While citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and limes are known to be acidic fruits. Basically, their organic acids stimulate the pancreas and liver to produce digestive enzymes that are alkaline).  I do this regularly every morning and personally add peeled strips of lemon rind from organic lemons.  (There is research supporting the benefits of the rinds of organic citrus fruits).

Glycothymoline as also recommended. For example taking 3-4 drops in a little water for a while to purify and create an alkaline reaction in the alimentary canal. Glycothymoline was also recommended as an external pack sometimes with heat sometimes without (Reading 3157-1 is one example).
Turning to persistent or over-alkalinity, the Circulating File quotes a Dr Lee ‘…beyond normal levels of blood pH 7.37 to 7.4 causes a loss of calcium in body fluids as well as allergy aggravation…* However, persistent alkalinity can occur by reason of alkaline food choices, with no balance of acid reacting foods… and this can result in such aggravated conditions as general freezing of the joints.’ In such cases more acidic foods need to be included in the diet. 

An in-depth study of acid-alkaline balance in the Readings by anyone interested would reveal far more information than is contained in this short article.  

Food combining is another factor.    For example, the Readings point to citrus fruits and starches eaten together are highly acidic.   There are several books in print on the subject available on the Internet or in libraries.   

Lack of sleep as well as psychological factors such as stress, fear and worry can have a detrimental affect the acid-alkaline balance through altering the body chemistry.  Alternatively, joining a study group, meditating and  having a sense of joy and happiness are of enormous spiritual benefit, as promoted in the Readings, and have a positive effect on the acid-alkaline balance. 

Do not over-indulge in alcohol or sweets.

Overall, the need to balance acidity-alkalinity is similar to the need to have a healthy bank balance.  A humorous but interesting point that makes absolute sense.

In my own history, I confess to having long known about this important alic-alkaline ratio but to be honest never completely stuck to it until I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness – cancer .    I had a life enhancing spiritual dream, - which literally turned this diagnosis around within 5 months, without chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Going down the burn and poison route was never an option. I am happy to say I refused.  The evidence is contained in copies I have of medical tests/investigations/ , but more about that another time. I should add however that it is  personal choice as to which path a person follows. 

Shortly after diagnosis, I started to have sequential dreams about changing my diet, quickly realizing this was strongly associated with maintaining an 80% alkaline and 20% acid diet – and boy was it a hugely beneficial change.  Better late than never!  

Changing my diet to a more natural and wholesome one and checking my acid-alkaline balance regularly has significantly supported the five year programme I am on.  After twelve months I was on annual review a) at the Centre I chose – well I was led there to one of the oldest and well-renowned “alternative” centres in the world with b) the back-up from a brilliant practitioner here in the U.K who undertakes testing including live blood dark field analysis. (Send me an email if you have had a life threatening diagnosis and need more details).

Using pH test papers to monitor acid-alkalinity levels is a MUST. These are available on the Internet at a really reasonable price.  

As soon as I made those dietary changes my energy levels increased dramatically.  Also I have never experienced any cravings.  
Paying attention to exercise has been another change alongside a change of diet.  I do sit a lot in my work so I practice every day a series of Chinese exercises as well as using Peter Van Daam’s Exercise DVD which is available from ARE Bookstore in Virginia Beach ISBN 0-9786330-0-8. 

This has been an amazing journey for me and absolute proof of how an advancing serious diagnosis can be turned around. I meet inspirational people who pass on extraordinary stories of healing when I make annual visits to the Clinic where dietary change as a backup is a MUST.   I also by word of mouth meet people here in the UK who are doing well by changing their diets, most have been through grueling chemotherapy and radiation treatments.   

I know there is still so much more to learn and experiment with when it comes to dietary change and it is far easier than it sounds.    Of the many people I talk to the most difficult aspect seems to be learning to trust and follow that Inner Guidance. Inner Guidance has been given to everyone as a free gift and the more you work with such Guidance the more it works for you.  I am a long-time believer in Loving Guidance and synchronicity (the right thing happening at the right time).  Ask and you are given. If it doesn’t happen then I know I don’t need whatever I have asked for - so forget it.    Miracles to me are everyday occurrences.

I firmly believe we are now in an Age where there is a great shift in consciousness – very noticeable amongst the young –  but any one can participate and change. It is never too late.   One of the basic changes is switching to a 20% acid 80% alkaline way of eating and drinking.  The results are not only beneficial but often staggering.

The chart given below was created by the ARE Clinic, relating to the Cayce Diet.

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