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Search For God Study Groups


Study group work is based on A Search for God - books I and II, which can be undertaken on a weekly basis as an individual or as part of a group in the area in which you live.  If you believe that you are more than a physical body and want to know more about God who is total Love and Love is Life then beginning the Search for God may be for you.   Study group work is based on a Judeo-Christian tradition and is practical in essence, being relevant to your everyday life and the way you think, feel and live and also your relationship with others.  We all have the spark of the Divine within.    It is really up to you how much and how deeply you want to explore your relationship with God. 

Alternatively contact by email if you would like to know if there is anyone in your area who could help you set up a Search for God Study Group.

Sets of Search for God Study Book material is available - so please ask for details. 


Study For Adults Study For Children